Must Watch Horror Movies That Will Blow Everyone Away in 2018 (See Trailers)


    Must Watch Horror Movies That Will Blow Everyone Away in 2018 (See Trailers)From “The Conjuring” to “Predator” to “Slender Man”…

    Hollywood lined up plenty of high-profile horror projects in 2017, from a revival of the Saw franchise to a very creepy-looking take on Stephen King’s It — but even after that banner year, fans don’t need to worry that the genre’s tapped out; instead, the movie industry’s major players have ensured that there are plenty  of quality scares on tap for 2018.

    In fact, the year’s horror calendar got off to an early start, and there’s no end in sight — after looking over the movie release schedule for 2018, we’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that filmgoers have a wealth of fright to choose from during these 12 months.

    From fact-based stories to supernatural action and the chilling reemergence of at least one classic character, the future looks very dark indeed — in the best possible way. Here’s a look at the horror movies that will blow everyone away in 2018.

    Venom — October 5, 2018

    When Sony announced in early 2017 that they would be moving forward with multiple Spider-Man-related projects apart from Marvel Studios, fans were understandably a bit puzzled as to the appeal of a Spider-Verse without Peter Parker, who has taken up residence in the MCU after Sony and Marvel’s historic deal allowed for the rights to the character to be shared. One of Sony’s announced projects, Silver and Black — featuring Silver Sable and Black Cat, two Spidey associates — has been put indefinitely on hold, but the other — Venom, based on the classic villain/antihero — has gone full speed ahead.

    Its impressive cast includes Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom, as well as Woody Harrelson, Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea) and Riz Ahmed (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story). The first teaser trailer is noticeably light on alien symbiotes and heavy on Hardy in serious distress, but sets a tone appropriate for what will be the first true horror film adapted from a beloved Marvel property (Blade notwithstanding). Adding to fans’ excitement: a rumor, as yet unsubstantiated, that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will indeed make an appearance. In an episode of podcast Collider Heroes, Jon Schnepp reported that Holland was on set for two days filming scenes as Parker (and pointedly not as his web-head alter ego). All signs point to Sony getting it right with their second crack at the deadly symbiote, and we’ll see just how right when Venom hits theaters on October 5.

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