Husband Builds A Secret Room In the Basement And 20Days Later He calls His Wife Downstairs


Silvia and her daughter love to make crafts together, but their home in Utah had no room in which they could sneak away together and get creative — but that was all about to change.

In 2014, the mother-daughter duo went away to visit family for a few weeks, leaving Dad at home. While they were gone, Andrew decided to give his wife and daughter the greatest surprise, and he documented the entire process from start to finish. The result is the sweetest, most wonderful gift a man could give the two most important girls in his life.

In 20 days, Andrew transformed their basement into the awesome new craft room they’d been dreaming about.

“It was a ton of work, but with them gone I could work all hours of the night,” Andrew writes on YouTube. I’d say so! The craft room features hand-built crafting tables, overhead lighting, bright and colorful walls, and a large walk-in closet for storage.

The following video is a time lapse revealing how much time and effort Andrew put into this very special room.

These days, the entire family enjoys the new space. Mom, Dad and daughter have even started to sell their handmade goodies created in the craft room on Etsy.


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