Check Out The New Balenciaga “T-Shirt Shirt” Worth Over $1,200


Check Out The New Balenciaga "T-Shirt Shirt" Worth Over $1,200High end brand Balenciaga like to push to boundaries when it comes to fashion.But one item in its new collection for men has people completely baffled.

The T-Shirt Shirt – part of the Fall 18 collection – is exactly what the name suggests. It is a blue Tee with a checked shirt hanging from the front of it.

Fans have criticized the Balenciaga fashion brand for the new double shirt which is part of the Fall 18 collection and will be in stores from June 19th. The shirt is a striped short-sleeved T-shirt with a long sleeved shirt sewn on top and it costs £1,085.Check Out The New Balenciaga "T-Shirt Shirt" Worth Over $1,200

Balenciaga claims that the design offers wearers two wearing options – you can either wear the long sleeves as a bizarre front panel design, or as a fake double layer. And if you’re after a more casual look, then the brand also offers a £935 t-shirt shirt, this time with a full shirt stuck onto a t-shirt.

The shirt design has left fashionistas confused and they’ve taken to various social media platforms to say they will not be caught wearing such.


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