4 Video Game Weapons That Actually Exist In Real Life (With Videos)


4 Video Game Weapons That Actually Exist In Real Life (With Videos)Many video game weapons are so bizarre and incredible, we figure there’s no way technology will ever make them real. And yet, there are plenty with real-life counterparts, some of which really blur the line between fact and fiction. Just try to fight the urge to build (and wield) these yourselves.

The Gauss Rifle from “Fallout 3”

The Gauss Rifle was a weapon that you could get from the Operation: Anchorage DLC for Fallout 3. It was a sniper rifle that fired rounds propelled by electromagnetic induction. Upon impact, the rounds would give off a small explosion, which would then cause a bit of splash damage. If you wanted to hit a target next to your enemy’s friend, you’d probably end up hitting both. NO one ever said it was easy living in the Wasteland.

This gun is actually based on a real-life weapon with the same name, also called a coilgun. Terik Daly and Michelle Maranowski of Science Buddies describe how you can make your own Gauss Rifle experiment, although it’s not quite the same gun you find in the game. While this experiment is more tame and only involves some ball bearings and magnets, the video from Jason Murray shows an actual Gauss Rifle, and how much damage it can do, thanks to electromagnetic induction. Science for the win!

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